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Application Advantages of Used Tank Containers

2019/06/27 10:12:56

Tank container (used tank container) is a stainless steel pressure vessel installed in a fastened external frame. The tank body is mostly made of 316 stainless steel. Most tanks have steam or electric heating devices, inert gas protection devices, pressure relief devices and other optional equipment for fluid transportation and handling.

The tank body is surrounded by a corner bearing frame for protection and hoisting. It can be used for highway, railway and water transportation. It can carry up to 14300 to 31000 litres (or even larger) of liquid cargo. Tank containers have many advantages, such as economy, convenience, safety, environmental protection, beauty and so on.

In the use of tank containers, there will be no expensive and time-consuming barrel flushing and loading and unloading process. It can directly change the mode of transportation between highway, railway and water transportation, and it is simple and fast to operate and in place in one step. Can really achieve "door-to-door" transport.

Tank container transportation is internationally recognized as a safe mode of transportation of chemical products and food. In the process of distributing and transporting chemicals and foodstuffs to different parts of the country, compared with other ways, this is a means of transportation that does not run, run, leak and avoid contamination of the goods themselves.