YESON HEAVY EQUIPMENT GROUP, which was jointly established by one shipyard, one container maker and one heavy equipment manufacturer in 2018.


In addition to the production of YESON own mature modular products, but also actively for a variety of customers to do new design and construction, to meet the requirements of customization.


YESON  manufacturing process is streamlined and efficient with quality control built into every stage. The fully enclosed facility allows work to continue day and night regardless of weather conditions, and in a series of automated stations, plates are precisely sized and cleanly cut, transferred via conveyor to other stations where they are welded into panels and stiffners are fitted and welded. All workstations are supported by overhead cranes.

All project  is performed safely and efficiently, under the highest standards of quality. This translates into dependable production schedules and lower cost to our customer

Something is only truly good if its quality is consistent and it grows with the requirements.

YESON Testing and Certification

• CSC (Convention of safety Container) approvals and testing

• BV,ABS,DNV-GL and CCS Factory batch and line approvals.

• Magnetic Particle Inspection non destructive weld testing.

• Paint DFT testing.


YESON  has long relationships with several of Chinese state-owned Banks and can provide financing services of varying proportions to a variety of clients.  

Also has Strategic partnershipwith SINOSURE, to protect investors and financial institutions from economic losses resulting from political risks such as expropriation, exchange restrictions, war, political riot and breach of contract in the country where investment is made. The maximum tenor is 20 years.