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Introduction to the Function of Old Containers

2019/06/27 10:12:02

Generally, when the production time of container body reaches the international standard of scrap time, or some of them do not meet the international transport standards, then this kind of container shipping company will not adopt. But these second-hand containers are still relatively good, and there will be no leakage protection, air leakage and cracks, and so on, and all the containers are generally in line with international standards for containers, so the quality is very reliable, but also very durable.

Because there are many kinds of containers, such as some old refrigerated containers, it is also very suitable for transporting fresh fish, fresh meat and other frozen food, and some fruits and vegetables can also be, so that some goods can be better preserved at a certain temperature. Temperature can be maintained at minus 20 degrees to minus 26 degrees or so can be selected, even if the old container, its insulation quality will not be much worse. So when the shipping company does not use it, it can also be used as old containers. Some of them are made by food manufacturers. They are also very good, and the price is very cheap. Some of the quality of old containers will not be bad, so the insulation time is about 70 hours can be adhered to, so there is enough insulation time.

Old containers can also be used as self-contained containers, transportation on highways, as well as field activity rooms, as well as temporary warehouses in factories and temporary offices. There are also many options in size, and it has more advantages than some other houses or warehouses.