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To Lease Refrigerator, It's Necessary to Know the Thermal Insulation Effect of Refrigerator

2019/06/27 10:09:29

Refrigerator leasing should select suitable products according to the demand. The following is a brief introduction of the thermal insulation effect of various types of refrigerators.

General refrigeration box: put the ice bag in the freezer at - 20 C for 24 hours to fully store the cold. According to the standard configuration, the temperature in the freezer can be kept below 8 C for more than 80 hours, which is suitable for all kinds of medium and long distance low-temperature drug transportation.

Above mentioned are refrigerators based on material science and their refrigeration measures and related working conditions. It belongs to a non-energy-consuming refrigeration tool. In addition, in the case of stricter refrigeration requirements, the use of electronic refrigerators requires energy consumption to achieve the purpose of ** refrigeration.

According to different requirements, it can be divided into high temperature refrigeration type, normal temperature refrigeration type and low temperature refrigeration type.

For example, in clinical medicine, part of ** needs to be kept in the environment of sub-zero temperature for a long time. It is not feasible to use non-energy-consuming refrigerators. It is necessary to use refrigerators with temperature control ability.

This kind of refrigerator has the ability of temperature collection, heating and refrigeration. Closed-loop control is used to control temperature. The basic framework is: temperature acquisition - temperature comparison (compared with the set temperature) - control mode selection (heating or refrigeration) - temperature acquisition. In this way, a loop is formed to achieve the purpose of ** control. In addition, in the field of automatic control, PID arithmetic is often used to achieve fast control of control objectives.